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Rotary and swivel table RAB

The direct drive rotary tables of the RAB series with bearings on both sides are directly driven, maintenance-free precision axes. They use water-cooled torque motors, guaranteeing high levels of acceleration and torque. Equipped with various high-resolution encoders, the tilting axes achieve accuracies of just a few arc seconds and can be integrated into all standard control concepts. Featuring crossed roller and axial/radial bearings, the tilt-resistant mechanical design is able to accommodate maximum loads.
4 product(s)
Max. rotary axis speed
Rotary axis continuous torque
Rotary axis peak torque
Table diameter
Max. load
90 430 810 400 350
100 600 1100 500 850
100 600 1100 630 850
90 2200 3900 800 1200