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End blocks for one-piece stator covers

The end blocks or end block sets are required for mechanical mounting of the one-piece cover strip at both ends of the stator track. The cover strips are clamped to the end block via a terminal strip screwed to the end block. The end block sets always consist of an end block, a terminal strip and the required number of mounting bolts. Two matching end block sets are always required to mount the one-piece cover strip.
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Cover strip clamping
Stator precision cooling
Suitable for cover strip
Required end blocks/end block sets per stator track
LMF2-S end block set
Yes No LMF2-CE-Lx LMF2-S end block set (2×) 58,5 139 104 12,5
LMF3-S end block set
Yes No LMF3-CE-Lx LMF3-S end block set (2×) 58,5 155 115 18,5
LMF4-S end block set
Yes No LMF4-CE-Lx LMF4-S end block set (2×) 58,5 201 161 20,5
LMF5-S end block set
Yes No LMF5-CE-Lx LMF2-S end block set (2×) 58,5 251 222 25,5
LMF6-S end block set
Yes No LMF6-CE-Lx LMF6-S end block set (2×) 58,5 345 316 27,5